About the Classics Leadership Lab

Why The Classics Leadership Lab?

The texts of the ancient Greeks and Romans reflect a world at least as problematic as our own.

They also present stories and thought about human endeavours, successes and failures.  What human qualities contribute to those successes and lead to those failures?  What are the character traits, thoughts, and intentions that constitute leadership in the context of the Greek and Roman classics?

Through examination of ancient epics, histories, and philosophical texts, we can gain some additional and useful perspectives on leadership and human activity.  How these concepts translate between the ancient world and our own remains to be discovered.

What is the Classics Leadership Lab?

The CLL is a site for discussion of leadership examples and concepts as exemplified in ancient texts.

Who can play?

Some of the posts and discussions come from my own ongoing research.  In the short term, I am working on leadership examples and concepts in Vergil’s Aeneid and Georgics.

Scholars working on similar topics in other classical texts are invited to participate.  Please contact me if you would like to join the group, write some posts about your research, or participate in any other way.

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